General terms and conditions

Reservation requirements: We kindly ask for written re-confirmation within 7 days as well as a deposit of € 500,00 per room.

During these corona times we guarantee that your booking can the swapped for free to an other date if you or your family get corona or unpredictable travel conditions force us to change. The 2 G rule ( vaccinated or recovered) is predictable and fear of getting corona is no reason for free cancellation. But just call us and we'll speak about it.

CANCELLATION sounds uncomfortable for you as well as for us. It is a shame if rooms stay unoccupied although someone else would have loved to come and stay. Thus we kindly ask you: Please inform us at your earliest convenience and we try to be as tolerant as possible, respectively aiming to sell your room(s). We kindly ask for your understanding that a free cancellation is only possible up until one month prior to arrival. Are you cancelling between one and seven weeks prior to the arrival date, according to the Austrian Hotel Contract Conditions, the cancellation fees are 70% of the total booking amount, a cancellation less than one week before costs 90% of the full price.
Our advice: Get travel cancellation insurance. The costs are 4% of the hotel booking price. Place of performance is Lech/Zürs.

Dear guests! If you book a stay with us at the hotel Albona Nova you simultaneously conclude an a spa and bathing agreement and acknowledge herewith the following bathing regulations.

Bathing rules and regulations

1. Duties of the Hotel Albona Nova

1.1. Allowance of use of the facilities, Risk of loss for our guests

(1) The Hotel Albona Nova enables guests to use the spa and bathing facilities within the frame of the regulations of these bathing rules at their own risk.
(2) Neither for the Hotel Albona Nova nor for the staff is it possible to avoid accidents in general. Especially our guests are responsible for their own safety during their time in the spa and bathing area.
(3) Same applies for injuries or any kinds of intrusions in the privacy of the guests through other guests or people other than the staff of Hotel Albona Nova.
(4) The Hotel Albona Nova is only responsible for the below mentioned duties towards the guests.

1.2. Opening times and admission

(1) The Hotel Albona Nova enables the visit of the bathing area by either visibly posting the opening hours or by the assigned staff disclosing those hours.
(2) If the officially allowed number of guests is exceeded the Hotel Albona Nova can (with the help of the assigned staff) prohibit more guests from entering. In this case all potential visitors have to anticipate waiting times.
(3) In case the Hotel Albona Nova is unsure whether a particular person is seen fit to visit the bathing area it reserves the right to deny entry without giving reasons.

1.3. Condition and operation of the facilities

(1) The Hotel Albona Nova is responsible for the correct construction, operation and maintenance of the facilities. The Hotel Albona Nova especially complies with all the hygiene and safety regulations. There are no more duties of the Hotel Albona Nova.
(2) As soon as the Hotel Albona Nova is being informed about any malfunction or defectiveness which does not guarantee safe operation anymore, the Hotel Albona Nova immediately denies or minimizes the usage of the malfunctioning facility
(3) The bathing guests are responsible for compliance with the orders of the assigned staff.

1.4. Control of compliance with the bathing rules

The Hotel Albona Nova reasonably controls the compliance of the bathing rules by guests and other people on the grounds of the hotel with the help of the assigned staff. If any disorderly behavior is being detected the concerning people will be warned and can also be expelled from the premises.

1.5. Help after accidents

In case of an accident the Hotel Albona Nova (with the help of the assigned staff) will immediately begin with first aid measures within the realm of possibilities.

1.6. Help with defense of displayed hazards

If guests point out credible potential dangers to the guest’s life or health to the Hotel Albona Nova (especially to the assigned staff), the Hotel Albona Nova is dedicated to prevent those hazards within the realm of possibilities with the help of the staff.

1.7. No possibilities of supervision over minors, physically or mentally impaired people or non-swimmers

The Hotel Albona Nova and thus its staff are not able and therefore not liable to supervise minors, physically or mentally impaired people as well as non-swimmers.

1.8. Liability of the Hotel Albona Nova

(1) The Hotel Albona Nova is only liable for those damages which have been done by the hotel or its staff through unlawful or culpable conduct.
(2) The Hotel Albona Nova is not liable for damages which have been caused by violation of the bathing rules, other regulations of usage or disregard of the staff’s instructions, by the aggrieved party’s fault or by ineluctable occurrences or violence especially caused by a third party. Contributory negligence therefore leads to sharing the damage. The same is valid for displayed rules and instructions for usage of equipment and facilities (e.g. sauna etc.) as well as for usage bans or limitations in terms of point 1.3. paragraph 2.
(3) The usage of parking spots is at one’s own risk. The hotel Albona Nova is neither responsible for monitoring the parking spots nor for protecting its grounds and the vehicles from damage (e.g. nails, glass shards or potholes).

2. Duties of guests

2.1. Supervision of children, minors, non-swimmers and mentally impaired people

(1) Children, minors, non-swimmers and mentally impaired people are supposed to be supervised by the persons responsible for the (e.g. a person with parental authorities, guardian) Minors under the age of 8 years have to be accompanied by a responsible person.
(2) These responsible people stay responsible for supervision even if they do not enter or leave the premises of the hotel Albona Nova early.
(3) The applicable youth protection regulations, especially regarding alcohol and smoking prohibitions, prohibitions of entry, duties of legal guardians, are to be satisfied by teenagers and their legal guardians.

2.2. Group supervision

(1) In cases of group visitations the responsible supervisor/operative is in charge of adherence of the bathing rules and carries full responsibility. These supervisors have to be present at all times during the visitation.
(2) These supervisors/operatives have to guarantee that the regular bathing and spa usage for other guests will not be disturbed in any way.

2.3. Staff instructions of the hotel Hotels Albona Nova

(1) Guests are responsible for following the instructions of the assigned staff of the hotel Albona Nova without limitations. This is also valid when the guest doesn’t see the instructions as fit, justified or unreasonable.
(2) Whoever violates the bathing rules or usage bans for specific areas (e.g. sauna etc.) or limitations in terms of point 1.3. paragraph 2. or defies the instructions of the assigned staff can be expelled from the spa area by the staff or any other representative without the right to claim compensation-
(3) In special cases a visitation ban for the future can be given.

2.4. Hygiene regulations

(1) The guests are obliged to absolute cleanliness in the entire spa and bathing area.
(2) The barefoot area is not allowed to be entered with shoes. Foot disinfection facilities should be used before entering and upon leaving the bathing area.
(3) The spa and bathing areas is not supposed to be entered when carrying contagious diseases.
(4) It is necessary to take a shower before entering the pool for hygienic reasons. Turn off the showers immediately after use.
(5) The use of soap, shampoos or laundry detergent as well as washing swimwear in the pool is forbidden.
(6) Rubbish (bottles, cans, paper etc.) is supposed to be placed in the intended rubbish containers.

2.5. Omission of dangers and harassment

(1) Every guest is responsible for being considerate towards other bathing guests in terms of noise development. Therefore, everything which poses a threat or even harassment is to refrained from.
(2) The boundaries of the bathing area is not to be climbed up or over.
(3) All facilities and equipment in the spa and bathing area are solely supposed to be used for the intended purpose.

2.6. Use of the pool, appliances, etc.

(1) The available appliances and facilities (e.g. sauna etc.) in the spa and bathing area to be used according to its intended purpose.
(2) Users of the appliances and facilities have to pay attention by themselves to not put any other bathing guests in danger. Bathing guests who are in close proximity of appliances and facilities have to watch out that they themselves or other guests are not being exposed to danger by the guests using those appliances and facilities. Bathing guests have to be considerate of each other.
(3) It is mandatory to follow the instructions of the assigned staff.

2.7. Usage of additional equipment

(1) Loungers and chairs can be used with additional charges depending on availability.
(2) Any loss or damage of additional equipment is to be replaced or compensated.

2.8. Loss and regain of objects, parking of vehicles

(1) Articles of value are supposed to be placed in the rooms; we do not assume liability for valuables which are brought to the spa and bathing area
(2) Found objects are to be dropped off at the reception
(3) Vehicles and other objects are supposed to be positioned in a way so the entrance to the Hotel Albona Nova is not blocked, especially regarding emergency vehicles and rescue missions.

2.9.  Compulsory registration / Obligation to render aid

(1) Accidents/thefts/complaints are to be reported to the responsible staff/hotel management of the Hotel Albona Nova.
(2) Every guest is obligated to administer first aid or other assistance necessary.

2.10. Consumption of food, beverages and alcohol

(1) Food and drinks are only to be consumed in the designated areas to do so in the Hotel Albona Nova.
(2) It is forbidden to use glass ware in the barefoot area.

2.11. Other

(1) It is forbidden to take photographs of other bathing guests or of the staff without their consent.
(2) Smoking is only allowed in the designated areas (e.g. Fumarium) of the Hotel Albona Nova.
(3) Every form of commercial business/advertisement in the spa and bathing area requires the owner’s consent.

Sauna bathing rules and regulations

1. Sauna guests

Intoxicated people, people with open wounds, skin diseases or contagious diseases (e.g. flu), epileptics as well as people who have already been banned from the area by the staff are not allowed to use the sauna facilities.

In case of doubt it is recommended to consult your doctor if using the sauna is permissible.

Children and teenagers under the age of 16 are only allowed to use the sauna facilities in company of adults.

2. Saunatimes

Please note the saune opening times displayed.

3. Valuables, loss of objectsrts

Valuables and bigger sums of money are to be placed in the rooms; we do not assume liability for valuables brought to the sauna area

Found objects are to be dropped off at the reception

4. Behavior in the sauna facilities

The facilities are to be treated with care. Damages and contamination are to be refrained from. The costs of any necessary repairs or removal or contamination must be compensated. If damages or contaminations occur, even accidentally, please inform the staff.

The guests are obliged to absolute cleanliness in the entire sauna facility. Do not enter the barefoot area with shoes.

In regards to other users, refrain from any behaviour which influences the recreation, safety or hygiene especially

  • disturbance of peace like making loud noise, singing, whistling, etc.

  • smoking in non-smoking areas.

Food and drinks are only to be consumed in the designated areas to do so. Put rubbish into the intended rubbish containers.

Out of mutual interest we kindly ask to not reserve any loungers and chairs.

5. Guidelines for using the sauna

Please use the shower facilities before the first sauna session and only enter the sauna dry. Always use a sufficiently large and dry towel or a sauna pad to sit/lie on.

Sauna infusions only take place at the displayed times, respectively are performed by the staff or by authorized persons. We ask for silence during the sauna infusion. The sauna is a alternating bath. Therefore, please use the available cool-off facilities after the sauna. Out of hygienic reasons, please shower thoroughly before using the pool.

Note the instruction board, respectively the rules of conduct.

6. Supervisory staff

Please understand that the personnel responsible must take measures to comply with official regulations and in the interest of safety, hygiene and well-being of guests, respectively to ward off damage. Orders of the responsible staff are to be obeyed in any case.

The responsible personnel are authorized to issue warnings or prohibition of visits in case of violation of the bathing regulations. In this case there is no claim for compensation.