Corona Safe

We prepare your winter holidays for you as corona safe as possible


Your safety is our top priority, that is why we collect all information we can get to make our hotel and your stay with us in the Hotel Albona Nova and in the village of Lech / Zürs and in the Arlberg ski area as protected and still recreated and beautiful as possible.

in the ski area

Official community information

Lech/Zürs Tourist Information

All information from our Austrian tourism representative

In good hands for your winter holiday in Zürs


Safe with the Zürs ski school:


  • In addition to our private ski instructors, this year we are only offering ski courses in small groups (6 people), because health is our greatest asset.
  • Furthermore there will be staggered departure times or different meeting points in order to equalize larger crowds.
  • There will be no midday care this year to protect the children.
  • We offer contact racing for your own safety!
  • Our request to you: If possible, make use of cashless payment or use the online ski ticket shop. It is a fact that we are preparing for any eventuality in the meantime!


At the start of the season, we will inform you in good time of the necessary measures, adapted to the actual situation


Free Corona cancellation policy


If you are unable to take your booked holiday due to newly emerging Corona travel restrictions from our side (red signal light for Vorarlberg due to our government) or Corona disease, we offer a 100% guarantee that you can swap your holidays to another date.
If your country has a travel restriction we kindly ask you to bring a negative corona testing (that can also be done upon your arrival in Dornbirn or with our local doctors before arriving in the hotel)

In case you or one of your family members is infected by corona you are already innsured for free through your booking with us. The following reasons are covered if there is a medical attestation:

  • Illness of the guest with COVID-19
  • Illness of a close relative or a person living in the same household
  • Fever and suspected corona, even if the test result is negative later
  • A positive test result without symptoms


Hygiene is very important to us


Cleanliness and hygiene have been a matter of course for us not only since Corona.

There are strict and very detailed regulations from various institutions such as the Food Authority and the Health Authority. The Albona Nova has always taken these regulations very seriously. Once a year, we are spontaneously inspected by the authorities to ensure that our house is run properly and in accordance with the regulations.

I guess we’ll all have to get used to wearing masks for a while. To make it easier for us and to keep our smiles, we will think of something special.

Since 15 March we have been staying at home, but we still look positively into the future. And so we use the time to adapt our hygiene standards to future requirements.


Cleanliness at the highest level


Our guests should relax and feel completely comfortable. This includes the good and safe feeling of being able to move around in all areas of the hotel without any problems. Hygiene in the rooms and public areas has therefore been further optimised to a high level throughout the hotel.

The restaurant, the lobby and the Alpine SPA are equipped with disinfection dispensers. In the rooms you will find your own disinfectant bottles and hand creams for daily use. Of course, the door handles, remote controls, toilets and telephone receivers are also regularly disinfected. Spaces will be kept, or we will offer you adequate solutions that will please you and if Plexiglas helps us, we will have that too. All hotel employees, suppliers and partners will be prepared for maximum possible cleanliness standards.


Keep together even at a distance


Special times require special measures. So we do everything in our power to protect our guests, visitors, employees, families, partners, neighbours and suppliers in the best possible way.

We have one advantage here in Zürs: in winter we have plenty of fresh air, helmets and gloves that avoid direct contact and chairlifts and cable cars will certainly help us to keep our distance. Of course, this is no guarantee, but we are confident that with the sum of all measures and our considerate guests and employees here, we will have the best conditions to stay healthy.

Of course, every single person can make his or her contribution, and so we ask our guests and staff to support us in our efforts: