The pleasure is everywhere, it´s just got to discover it! (Konfuzius)
Date: 04.-18.3.2017


* Antara in the snow

* Eat smart – vegan meal cookery course with a vegan Chef

* Back to the roots - Lech Huber Hus & herbs soap + Apres Ski Krone

* fashion-look- from  Brändle-Strolz-Pfefferkorn possibly with guest.

* Speech healthy feeding Fitness world champion Bernd Österle

Nature experience:

* Nature pur in Zug -to Älpele with train (from Klösterle), then with snowshoes (1/2 h) on the top of Älpelealm with  Champagne & snack

* High Zürs – Sundowner from Trittkopf to Hübner Hütte, then night ride

* Ice-fun - curling in Zürs

* Flexen hiking - cross-country skiing or with tour skies to the Flexenhäusl with Glühwein


* Sun&Music – Lunch at Seekopf with music-band

* Ski Heil – free entre to Skilehrerball

* Aus-kehr - Toni Einkehr Apres-Ski last afternoon on friday

* kulture enjoyment in St. Christoph-Arlberg 1800 exhibition international & a concert per month, afterward Hospiz Alm with visit wine cellar     extra entre to pay