For your wellness during your winter holidays


Upon request qualified physio therapists offer special massages and feel-good programs.

This pleasant and soothing technique especially for skiers can regenerate the whole body faster. Through this massage the transportation of metabolites is sped up, is also relieving pain and relaxing cramps.
  • full body 55 min.€ 120,-
  • sport 45 min.€ 99,-
food reflexology
Through pressure with thumbs and fingers on your feet, and especially on the sole, impulses are triggered which positively influence various organs of the body.
  • 45 min.€ 99,-
Lymphatic drainage for face and body
For your body: A very gentle and relaxing technique positively affecting the transport of lymphatic substances. It relaxes and is definitely the right choice after an arduous day.For your face: A stimulation of the lymphatics by gentle pressure on key points on the face to support the natural detox process. In case of swellings or simply because it feels great.
  • 45 min. body€ 99,-
  • 55 min. body€ 120,-

Stornierte Termine bis 18 Uhr am Vortag Ihres Termins werden nicht in Rechnung gestellt.